Electronic vehicle stability for MCS cranes

Electronic vehicle stability (EVS) for MCS cranes is a dynamic vehicle stability system that constantly monitors the stability of the vehicle in all working areas during crane operation.

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The EVS-h (for MCS cranes) actively incorporates the load on the vehicle, the inclination of the ground, the heel of the vehicle, the load moment of the crane and the working speed of the crane.

The EVS system contains an automatic system calibration which takes into consideration both the inclination of the ground when starting up and changes during crane operation (a stabilizer leg sinking into the ground and the like).

During crane operation, the sophisticated electronic inclinometer monitors the heel of the vehicle in the entire 360° working area around the vehicle. The RCL Safety System registers all signals and stops all dangerous movements at the pre-determined limits that are registered in the RCL of the craned vehicle in question. These limits are determined during the final stability test with the crane installer.

EVS-h requires a crane installation on a truck equipped with air rubber wheels, where the wheels of the truck must be a part of the supporting area of the crane.