Priority flow control

Priority flow control (PFC) makes sure that none of the crane functions are stopped when operation requires more oil capacity than the pump can deliver by controlling the oil flow.

Main benefits

  • Improves the operating economy
  • Supports a fast working pace

Kontaktujte nás

Priority flow control (PFC) is an electronic control function, which automatically couples in, when the crane operator's activation of the control valve levers requires a higher flow than the pump is able to provide. All functions run, just more slowly, except for slewing, which is kept constant.


The PFC function calculates how much oil flow the user requires based on the total activation of the levers.

- As long as the total activation of the levers requires less oil than the max. permissible oil flow of the pump, the PFC does nothing. 

- When the activation of the levers requires more oil flow than the pump is able to supply, the PFC function becomes active and influences the valve positions of the control valve for optimum flow distribution.

When the PFC function couples in, the changes take place in a controlled and unnoticeable way.