Progressive crane control

The PCC function dampens both mechanical and hydraulic oscillations during sudden movements with the control valve levers, so crane movements are more flexible, while the work is more efficient, and wear and tear is reduced.

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The PCC function dampens oscillations in the crane structure. The spool movement is captured before the oil flow is led to the hydraulic cylinders, whereby oscillations in the suspended load are reduced. The PCC function is purely electronic and dampens both mechanical and hydraulic oscillations in case of sudden movements by means of the control valve levers. The function does not influence the grab functions - they will still be sudden and abrupt for efficient emptying of a clamshell bucket. Small movements and slow operation of the crane functions will not be influenced.


  • The PCC function makes crane movements smooth.
  • Loads suspended at the end of the extensions will vibrate and oscillate less.
  • Efficiency is increased as the operator does not have to take disturbing oscillations into account.